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Welcome to the Creative Play Way 

Wonder in Self-Expression * Explore the Possibilities * Create Positive Change

Time to Start

Time to work on your creative dreams

Do you have a creative dream?  Maybe you want to paint, write, dance, act, sing or some other creative expression. You haven’t started because you don't know how or feel overwhelmed or afraid?  It’s time to start. Let me help you.

Let's Get Started

Creative Fuel

Creative fuel for your creative work

Having trouble focusing on your creative work?  Are you feeling stuck or blocked in your creative process?  Are you cranky because you aren’t creating?  Fill up on Creative Play Way Fuel to move forward in your creative process. Let's get going!

Fuel Up on Creativity


Market and sale your creative work

Are you going on a creative business adventure?  Don’t go it alone!  There are a lot of parts to opening a creative business from inventory to marketing!  I help women create a business that resonates with their joy, strengths and values.

Create Your Business

About Kimba

Kimba Livesay, Creativity CoachMy gift is creativity. I am ridiculous good at helping women explore and develop their creative talents and use art as a means for self-discovery and growth. As a creativity coach, I have helped women write, paint, make pottery, act, dance, sing and create music. I understand the creative process and how it works! I have also coached hundreds of women on how to use expressive arts for self-discovery and growth. I believe that expressive arts support us in connecting to Spirit and gives us personal clarity, direction, growth and purpose. Visit Creativity Coach Kimba to learn more about me and The Creative Play Way.

Creative Discovery

Creativity Coach Kimba

Kimba was a superstar while serving as a coach for AARP's Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. They loved her enthusiasm and creativity.  Colin Callahan, Director

The Creative Play Way

Schedule an Exploratory Creativity Coaching Session.


1Gain Clairity!  The Creative Play Way offers a unique way for you to see different options.

2I provide creative problem solving tools that can help you make decisons and find direction.

3Use Expressive Arts to help cultivate the changes you want in your creative life or personal life.

4My clients will tell you they experience positive results in just one session!

Creativity & Expressive Arts Coaching

  • Expressive Arts Coaching and Facilitation

    Expressive Arts CoachingI help women use visual arts, writing, music, movement and drama to facilitate self-discovery, find clarity, explore purpose and reach goals. You DO NOT need to be an artist to benefit from expressive arts. All you need is a little courage.

  • What is the Creative Play Way?

    Creative Play Way Expressive Arts and Creativity CoachingThe Creative Play Way is a magical mix! Coaching and facilitation are at the core of the program. I use positive psychology, spirituality, play, creativity and holistic activities to facilitate self-discovery and clarity for movement toward your goals.

  • Creative Play Way Coaching Sessions

    Creativity Coaching SessionsCoaching Sessions include phone calls, Skype for play dates, e-mails, coaching tools, creative activities, assessments, Kaleido Journaling and educational videos.

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