My coaching program is about permission not pressure Explore all the different possibilities and see what works for you Creativity can help you with self-awarness and discovery

Creativity Coaching with Kimba

I LOVE helping people find joy, direction and purpose by using tapping into their creative and playful spirit.  I CREATED the Creative Play Coaching program which combines coaching, positive mindset and expressive arts. My program has helped a lot of people CREATE art, books, music, businesses, wellness, joy and life purpose. Creativity and play isn't just for kids!  We can still use our creative play super powers as adults to help us solve problems, face challenges, find purpose, heal our bodies and minds, connect to spirit, explore our passions, take action and reach our goals. 


Creativity Coaching with Kimba Livesay

My creativity coaching program offers a unique approach for working on challenges, making plans and setting goals.  I work with artist, writers, entrepreneurs and joy seekers. Check out the different programs that I offer and if you don’t find one you like then we will create it!

Creativity Coaching


Creative Play Way Classes and Workshops

Play Groups combine coaching, play, expressive arts and education for a rich experience in self-expression and discovery. Learn to create a life map that reflects your gifts and passions, write for self-care and play with muses who offer creative principles that can be used in everyday life.

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Creative Play Way Resources for Creativity

The Creative Play Coaching program is grounded in creativity coaching, play, spirituality, joy and positivity. It’s a magical mix designed to help be creative, find direction and live your purpose. Resources include ideas, tools, articles, activities, websites and books that can engage your creativity. 

Creative Resources

Coach Kimba

Kimba Livesay, Creativity CoachI developed Creative Play Coaching to give adults permission to create and play with color, images, words, music and movement. Why? Playing with your creativity is very beneficial! Creativity can bolster you sense of life purpose, support your mental and physical health, help you solve problems and challenges, reinforce your spiritual connection, support emotional and physical healing and find your joy. When we are in a relaxed, supportive and positive environment we can reflect, connect, explore and make better choices and reach our goals.

Creative Journey

Creativity Coach Kimba

Kimba was a superstar while serving as a coach for AARP's Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. They loved her enthusiasm and creativity.  Colin Callahan, Director

Creativity Coaching...

isn't just for "artistic" people.  Tapping into your creativity can help you reflect, explore, connect and make choices that support your goals.

Creative Play

1Gives you permission to create and explore through expressive arts.

2Gain clarity by exploring and playing with possibilities.

3Creativity coaching sessions and play groups provide relaxing environment.

4Experience joy, momentum and purpose in creative principles.

5You do NOT have to be an artist to participate!  Just open to the process.

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  • Kaleido Journaling on Udemy

    Kaleido Journaling on UdemyI LOVE Kaleido Journaling so I created this course!  This journaling technique  shows you how to combine color, images and symbols with creativity coaching tools for a rich and deep interpersonal communication experience.  In this course, you will learn how to recognize your inner critic, break free from self-limiting thoughts, use creative thinking for solutions and create action plans using small steps.  This course offers step-by-step videos, journaling activities, handouts and resources.  Register today for only $10 and create your own Kaleido Journal.

  • Creative Life Map Play Group

    Creative Lifemap PlayshopIn this creative play group you will discover the meaning of your purpose by focusing on your gifts, passions, impact on others and personal values. We will make a creative life map to gain insights and awareness from our past, present and the future we want to create. You will learn how to use three coaching principles: Reflect, Explore and Connect to make your life map come to life!  The play group is presented by video conferencing so that you can participate no matter where you live. 

Creative Play Videos

Introduction to The Creative Play Way Video Creative Play Way Tools Video Who I work with as a creativity coach

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