Creative Entrepreneur Coaching

The Creative Play Coaching program helps creative entrepreneurs design business and marketing plans in a creative, fun and playful way. Yes! Business and marketing plans can be fun to develop and implement. The key is to use your gift of creativity and a playful spirit. In my program we create a business journal and visualize your mission statement, goals, perfect customers, partners, social marketing and finances. Operating your own creative business does not have to be scary or complicated. For more information about how sessions work visit Coaching and Privacy Policies.

Coaching Sessions for Creative Entrepreneurs

Business for creative people does not have to be complicated.  You CAN make your business fun, playful, creative and successful.  I offer experience, resources and brainstorming to get you started on your creative venture.

Creative Business Coaching for CreativesThe Creative Play Coaching program is based in creativity, play, spirituality and positive psychology. We use these foundations to explore your gifts, values, passions and impact on others to create your mission statement, business goals and plans. Instead of spreadsheets and word documents we create a colorful business journal full of reflection, exploration, connections, choices and small step action plans. During a coaching session we work on whatever you bring to the session. Some common issues include:

Do any of these issues sound familiar?  My Creative Play Coaching program can help you develop the right business plan for you.  I am a creative entrepreneur who sells my art work, glass work and writing. I have over 25 years of business experience that includes a graphic arts business, developing art and music classes for healthcare and currently operating my creativity coaching and mentoring business. I have helped clients sell art work, create a community art studio, open a vintage clothing store and write articles for magazines.   Whatever your creative venture is I will support you every step of the way. 

Benefits of Creative Play for Entrepreneurs

The Creative Play Coaching program is playful, fun and engaging.  It's unique from other coaching programs because it is a mix of visual art, writing, positive mindset, playfulness and creativity.  I believe when we approach our work from a place of lightness and relaxation we are free and open to new connections.  Additional benefits include:

With Kimba's creative play tools, I went from grieving my job loss to running an art facility.  I feel so happy.  Thank-you Kimba for your tools, playful, encouraging and visionary spirit.   ~Susan

How to Get Started

creativity-coaching-exploratory-sessionIt is easy to get started using the Creative Play  Coaching program.  Check out the resources section for creative play ideas and join my mailing list for additional resources.  Creative Play Groups are a fun way to express yourself! If you would like to work with me one-on-one then schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session.  This exploratory session is offered at a special rate and helps us see if my coaching program meets your needs.   

Coaching Packages

creativity-coaching-packagesI offer a creative entrepreneur package that can help you stay on track, reach your business goals and save money.  Coaching packages include: Questionnaires, Four weekly consecutive 45-minute sessions by phone and e-mail support as needed.  I also offer Creative Play activities, worksheets and videos that are tailored to your creative business goals.  Together we design a coaching program just for you.   

CPW Gallery

Creative Play Way Expressive Arts GallerySee what others have created!  The Creative Play Gallery showcases three of popular Creative Play coaching activities: Strengths Self-Portrait, Gratitude Spiral and the Body Compass.  Creative Play activities are based in positive psychology, spirituality and coaching.

Play Groups

Expressive arts group coachingCreative Play groups help people connect with their creativity and playfulness for personal growth and self-discovery.  Play groups offer a positive and supportive environment to PLAY with expressive arts. I offer coaching groups through out the year.  Current Play Groups

Client Reviews 

kimba livesay expressive arts coachingWhen I first started coaching with Kimba I was not confident that I would EVER sell my art work. Three coaching sessions later I sold my first painting for $250!  I could not believe it.  Kimba helped me find the courage to offer my work to others.  --Jill  Read More Reviews