Creative Play Expressive Arts Gallery

Creative Play Coaching uses creative expression, spirituality, coaching and positive psychology for self-awareness that facilitates self-discovery.  Using your creativity combined with coaching tools can help you learn more about yourself and develop authentic goals and doable action plans.  The Creative Play Art Gallery showcases three Creative Play Coaching activities that are designed to enable self-discovery: Strengths Self-Portrait, Gratitude Spiral and the Body Compass tool.

The Creative Play Strengths Self-Portrait Activity

I love the Strengths Self-portrait activity because it reminds us to operate from a place of strength instead from a place of fear or lack of confidence.  Clients first take a survey to uncover their top three strengths and then create a self-portrait that incorporates their strengths. This exercise is also very effective for Creative Play Fuel and re-connecting to the creative spirit.

The Creative Play Positive Gratitude Spiral Activity

The Gratitude Spiral activity is an exercise in becoming aware of the joy in our lives.  As human beings we often focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right and this affects our emotional attitude towards our life and creativity.  By creating a concrete visual image of our gratitude we become more aware and connected to our happiness.  I encourage clients in 1-1 creativity coaching and group creativity coaching to do a weekly Gratitude Spiral.

The Creative Play Body Compass Activity

As a creativity coach, I often work with clients who are stuck in their creative work.  I often use the Body Compass activity to help them find answers and get unstuck.  Martha Graham said that the body never lies.  Our bodies have a lot of information to share with us if we just listen. The Body Compass tool is a body scanning technique accompanied with creating a visual Body Compass map.  This activity is very beneficial for those who want to start a new creative project.