Creative Play Fuel 

Creative Play Way Fuel

Creativity is really the structuring of magic.  --Anne Kent Rush

Are you stuck in your creative process?  Blocked?  Not creating?  I know what that feels like and it makes me cranky but did you know that getting stuck in your creative process is normal?  Yep, it's ALL part of the creative journey.  I created the Creative Play Fuel coaching package to help creatives move forward and gain momentum in their creative work.  This 4-week coaching package will help you refuel and zoom into your creativity.

How Does Creative Play Fuel Work?

The package consist of four weekly consecutive coaching sessions.  Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and you choose to meet by phone or video conferencing.  In our sessions we talk about topics you bring to the session.  Challenges and "stuff" often comes up in-between sessions.  I offer weekly e-mail support and you can join the private Creative Muses Facebook group for additional support.  Each week I will offer Creative Play Coaching activities to help you refuel your creativity.  Creative Play activities may include:

 Kimba's take on creative fuel was very helpful for me.  I realized that I needed to fuel my creative spirit every day. --Mary

If this Creative Play Package sounds like something you might like to try then I encourage you to schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session.  This exploratory session is offered at a special rate and helps us see if my coaching program meets your needs.  You can also Register for Creative Fuel Coaching Package and view current coaching package fees.