Expressive Arts Coaching

Creative Play expressive arts coaching combines creative life coaching with the creative process to facilitate self-discovery, personal growth and healing. This program is not about an artistic product but rather the process of using the nonverbal language of creativity for clarity and momentum. My expressive arts program is for anyone who wants to use creativity and play with possibilities, build an action plan and use small steps for success.  For more information about how sessions work visit Coaching and Privacy Policies.


Expressive Arts Coaching Sessions

Expressive Arts coaching is a magical mix of self-discovery with a dash of creativity.  The goal is deep self-awareness that reflects our authentic self for joy and wellbeing.

The Creative Play Way Expressive Arts CoachingThe Creative Play Coaching program is grounded in creative expression, spirituality, play and positive mindset and is a seamless model for express arts. Personal coaching and facilitation sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore ideas while playing with visual arts, writing, music, movement and drama. You will work with whatever creative expression suits your fancy as we create action plans for your success. We work on whatever issue you bring to the session.  Issues regarding work, relationships and wellness that are suited for expressive arts coaching include:

Do any of these issues resonate with you? Maybe you have a different issue you would like to work on? Expressive arts work well for any issue in which you want to create change and develop a goal-oriented action plan.

I have spent most of my professional life helping clients use expressive arts for self-awareness and healing. Early in my career, I was a recreation consultant and worked with elder’s and other populations in long-term care. It was there that I witnessed the healing power of creative expression. Women with cancer spent the afternoon painting and for a brief time escaped into the colors on their canvas. People with dementia found profound joy in singing and dancing. Writing plays, short stories and poetry gave participants the chance to create and reflect deep self-awareness. As a certified creativity coach, I have observed clients use expressive arts to gain clarity and direction so that they could formulate action plans to reach their goals.

Expressive arts offer a unique way to process information for self-discovery. As your coach I will be with you every step of the way.

Benefits of Creative Play Expressive Arts

The Creative Play expressive arts program is beneficial for self-discovery, awareness, gaining clarity, finding direction and building momentum toward your goals. Here are some additional benefits:

Kimba conducts her sessions with professionalism and humor, and introduced me to several life coaching methods, ideas and processes that I had not experienced before. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  ~Celia

How to Get Started

creativity-coaching-exploratory-sessionIt is easy to get started using the Creative Play  Coaching program.  Check out the resources section for creative play ideas and join my mailing list for additional resources.  Creative Play Groups are a fun way to express yourself! If you would like to work with me one-on-one then schedule an Exploratory Coaching Session.  This exploratory session is offered at a special rate and helps us see if my coaching program meets your needs. 

Coaching Packages

creativity-coaching-packagesI offer creativity coaching packages that can help you stay on track, reach your creative goals and save money.  Coaching packages include: Questionnaires, Four weekly consecutive 45-minute sessions by phone, e-mail support, Creative Play activities and the Creative Muses Facebook Group. Together we design a program just for you. If you are not sure where to start, that’s ok!    Expressive Arts Coaching Package

CPW Gallery

Creative Play Way Expressive Arts GallerySee what others have created!  The Creative Play Gallery showcases three of popular Creative Play coaching activities: Strengths Self-Portrait, Gratitude Spiral and the Body Compass.  Creative Play activities are based in positive psychology, spirituality and coaching.

Journaling Class

Kaleido Journaling for Self-DiscoveryCombine colors, images, words and symbols with coaching tools for a rich and deep interpersonal experience.  Tame your inner critic, break free from self-limiting thoughts, use creativity for solutions and create action plans using small steps.  $10 Registration

Client Reviews 

kimba livesay expressive arts coachingKimba turns creativity on its edge, accessing unique mediums to bring out your creativity. She helps you discover your creative gifts as a tool for wellbeing. I for one have been opened to the gift of creativity as a form of self-expression by working with Kimba. --Julie  More Reviews