Coaching and Privacy Policies

Creativity Coaching and Expressive Arts Coaching

Kimba Livesay, Creativity CoachI am a professional coach who offers creativity coaching and expressive arts coaching.  I LOVE coaching and I care deeply about the success of my clients.  I partner with YOU and support you as you work on your personal and creative goals.  Creative Play Coaching is grounded in creativity, play, spirituality, joy and positivity.  I believe this a magical mix that can help you find solutions to challenges, face change and pursue self-discovery.  Coaching sessions are non-judgmental, exploratory and safe.  Creative Play resources include coaching activities, self-discovery worksheets, self-assessments, creative journaling exercises and videos. Together we create the space for you truly discover what you want and small step plans to reach your goals.  It is also important for you to understand that ALL coaching sessions are 100% confidential.  


As a client you want to find the right coach for you.  That's why I offer an Exploratory Coaching Session at a reduced rate.  It helps us both see if my coaching program meets your needs.  If we do work together, you are the boss of you.  You decide what we work on during our sessions.  You are responsible for creating your own results.

Coaching Sessions

You schedule coaching appointments through my Acuity Scheduling page.  It is very easy to schedule, re-schedule and pay for your sessions.  How often you schedule sessions is up to you, with the exception of coaching packages which must be scheduled weekly for four consecutive weeks.  Coaching sessions are up to 45 minutes long and are by telephone or Skype, your choice.  I do ask that you find a quite space for your coaching session and that you are on time. 


Emergencies happen.  Life happens.  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you can't make an appointment please re-schedule through my Acuity Scheduling page or you will be charged for the full amount of the missed appointment.  Also, I will wait for 10 minutes at your scheduled appointment time and then consider you a no show and a missed appointment.

Creativity and Art

Creative Play Coaching will include writing and/or artistic activities.  These activities are designed to help you tap into your personal creative spirit, which in turn will help you gain insights for self-awareness.  If you can draw a stick figure you have all the skill set you need for success.  It truly is about the process not the product.

Coaching Contracts

I like freedom in determining what I need and I want my clients to have that freedom too.  I do not require a time commitment contract.  I have worked with clients for as little as two weeks and as long as five years.  I do ask that you sign an agreement that includes the coaching fees and responsibilities.  Please note that Coaching Packages are for a specific period of time.

Coaching Fees

Visit my scheduling page for current coaching fees and packages.  Please note that fees may change without notice.

What I Don't Do

I am a professional coach.  I am not a therapist.  I do not provide psychotherapy, legal counsel or medical advice. If I believe that you need the assistance of a specialist, I will tell you and together we can make a plan.

Privacy Policy

I value privacy.  I will NOT sell or give your personal information.  This includes information gathered on my mailing list through MailChimp and Acuity Scheduling.


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