A Colorful Garden of Being

Painting of flowers using a credit card. It is an example of the work we do in creativity coaching with kimba

Creative, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

I am a creative, spiritual teacher and healer. And not by choice. I didn’t wake up one morning and say, Yep I’m a teacher and healer. Nada, I was shoved into this work. Probably because I ignored “my calling” for more than twenty-five years. From time to time I would participate, only to fade away. It took a lifetime of illness and finally a cancer diagnosis for me to give in and LIVE who I am. Recently I’ve learned that healing is about paying attention and becoming whole. These days I’m all in and share my work through art, writing, coaching, teaching and healing. Finally, I am creating a beautiful garden of purpose full of color, love, healing, kindness and gratitude.

Four Coaching Principles

Creativity Coahing to reflect, explore, connect, create. A tin of paint brushes

In conjunction with creativity I use four coaching principles that help me sort out issues, problems and challenges. I use these principles ALL the time. They help me stay calm, stay on track and build momentum.


Take the time to reflect. I can’t tell you how vital this really is. There are very few times in life when you must make an urgent decision. Others may pressure you for a decision, but you don’t have to accept the invitation. When I come across a problem or challenge, the first thing I do is reflect. For me that means listening to meditative music, journaling and asking lots of internal questions. The deeper the problem the longer I reflect. Once I have ideas and information I move to the next principle.


Next, it’s time to explore all the possibilities. This is where you figure out what is truly worthwhile and resonates with your authentic self. I use Google, Books and People to gather information. You may also find that once you have a piece of information you may hop back to reflection. That’s okay because using these principles is not a linear process.


Someone in the big wide world is having the same problem as you AND they may have figured it out. People are a tremendous resource. Seek out others to help you. You do not have to go it alone.


The last principle is all about creating an action plan, taking small steps and moving forward.

Kaleido Journaling™

Creativity class. Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Beautiful Patterns

I created the Kaleido Journaling technique over ten years ago. I used color, images and words to explore my dreams, hopes, fears and ideas. Each Kaleido page showed a piece of the beautiful pattern of me. It was freeing to use stickers, yarn, watercolor, tape and whatever else I could “stick” to a page. I learned a lot about myself. Since that time, I’ve led many workshops teaching others how to Kaleido Journal. Currently, I have a Kaleido Journaling class on Udemy, and I ask that each of my clients keep a Kaleido Journal. It brings coaching tools to life, offers a place to reflect on energy work, Spirituality and physical goals. It serves as an anchor and witness to your healing journey. Visit Kaleido Pages to see what others have created.

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery on Udemy

Kimba has created a very friendly course that gives you permission to be less than perfect. It allows you to scribble, paste, stick to create pages that will eventually help you connect the dots. Her tutoring is friendly and obviously enjoys and is knowledgeable about what she is talking about. –Wendy

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