Creativity Coaching with Kimba

coaching with kimba offers coaching tools combined with expressive arts

I offer creativity coaching for visual arts and writing. I am similar to a life coach but I mix coaching tools with creativity specifically designed for artist and writers. Coaching helps to envision what you want, set small goals, stay on track and be successful with your creative project. 

Benefits of Coaching with Kimba

  • Create more personal awareness
  • Get in touch with your authentic self
  • Generate new ideas
  • Learn new perspectives and insights
  • Build internal listening skills that help you figure out next steps
  • Get a clearer picture of your goals
  • Action! You start “doing” during our first session
  • Tools can be used in other areas of your life
  • Supports long-lasting learning for future self-coaching

If you are ready to get serious about your visual art project or creative writing project then it might be time to try coaching with Kimba.

Creativity Coaching to Reflect, Explore, Connect and Create

Creativity Coahing to reflect, explore, connect, create. A tin of paint brushes

I am often asked how a creativity coaching session works. I use four coaching principles that help creative people build momentum, stay on track and reach their goals. These principles are the building blocks in creativity coaching sessions and classes.

Reflect is the first principle

Creative people have all kinds of issues, problems, challenges and goals they want to work on. For example, a writer who doesn’t have time to write, an artist who feels stuck or a creative person who feels overwhelmed. They coach with me because they want to change something. We reflect by asking questions and visualizing. For example, what would it look like to have time to write?

Explore is the second principle

Together we explore possibilities. For example, having time to write could mean getting up earlier or going to bed later or writing at lunch. We figure out exactly what feels right for you by creating our body compass. You can see examples of the body compass in the expressive arts gallery.

Connect is the third principle

We do not live on an island by ourselves. Others can provide valuable insights, inspiration and assistance. Together we will explore who can help you reach your goals. For example, you ask a family member or friend over to watch a movie with your children. This gives you time to focus and write.

Create is the fourth principle

This principle is all about action. For example, you schedule a friend who can watch your children and you actually write. I would love to tell you this principle is always easy. Usually though your action plan will need to be adjusted so that it truly works for you.

As we move through the principles I will invite you to journal, write, draw, paint or create something else.

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Creativity class. Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Why not start using your creativity today and see where it takes you? I created a self-coaching course on Udemy for creative people. Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery teaches you how to recognize your inner critic, how to brainstorm, create action plans and use small steps to reach your goals. It blends coaching tools with creativity. The course includes videos, articles, worksheet and e-book. Get yours for just ten dollars. Click on the special link below and enroll today.

Enroll in Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

It’s fun! The author has prepared well; she speaks at a measured pace and enunciates very clearly. Her presentation is suited to the course topic in that she dresses and presents herself colorfully and has taken the time to position herself in front a colorful and interest background. And there are a few times that she allows some fun, emotional expression out, which makes her seem real, and happy about her work, and fun to watch. Also, she gives a lot of permission and encouragement. –Sooz W.