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Mind, Body & Spirit

After two life-changing health issues, I knew I needed to take action. That’s when my healing journey began. Creating well-being is not always easy and it’s a daily practice of choices. I believe it’s the heart work of bringing to life the mind, body and spirit connection. An invitation to create a rich and colorful inner garden of joy, love and gratitude.

In creating my well-being, I used things I knew about and took the time to learn new things. I combined creativity, coaching, energy work, spiritualty and Temple pod (body) work to calm my mind, strengthen my body and heal my soul. If it’s time for you to create well-being, I invite you to explore my sessions, classes and blog. 

Using Creativity

Using Creativity help us explore emotions, develop self-awareness, reduce stress, boost self-esteem and strengthen our immune systems. That’s why I ask clients to keep a Kaleido Journal. This type of creative journaling uses words, colors and images to help you navigate your healing journey. You create a colorful witness that reflects your inner being. This is powerful healing tool.

In addition to journaling, I encourage clients to find an expressive art they enjoy. Drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing and photography are all forms of expressive arts. These creative activities can help you relax, take your mind off your problems and even help you find joy.

Creative Well-Being Coaching

I love coaching because it empowers YOU. What that means is I don’t have answers to your challenges, problems, and fears, but you do. I will guide you through coaching tools that give you insights into what you need to know. Coaching tools that I use focus on releasing fear, having courage, being patient, taking small steps, giving yourself credit, stopping negative self-talk, letting go of perfectionism, suspending overwhelm and interrupting procrastination. My belief is that Spirit is waiting and wanting to help you. Sometimes we just need to ask the right questions and be open to the possibilities.

Energy Work

Thought directs energy and energy follows thought. So, if you practice joy, love and gratitude then you are joyful, loved and blessed. In other words, what you put out you get back. It’s all energy. As a Reiki Master I use energy work with my clients and I teach healing touch techniques for self-healing. 

Another powerful energy tool I use is music. Music frequencies can “tune” our inner rhythms and restore balance and harmony. And finally, my favorite energy tool is Angi (fire) Yoga. This technique uses color, the breath of life and meditations to balance your inner life force.

Spiritual Tools

My health issues accelerated my Spiritual growth and I am grateful for that. We are all Spiritual beings. The goal is to vibrate at a higher frequency and how that’s done is different for each soul. I work with clients using meditations, prayer, music, nature, dream interpretation and soul journeys. We look for ways to open our hearts to joy and gratitude, even during dark times. The goal of this work is to fully live our purpose until we take our last breath.

Temple Pod

We are beings of light and our bodies are Divine instruments. We cannot live our purpose on this earth without a body. How we treat our bodies is important because they are not separate from our mind or Spirit. It all works together. I help clients dive deep into Divine self-care through nutrition, water, fresh air, sunshine, supplements, movement, sleep, and aromatherapy. It’s not about losing weight and exercising. That’s old thinking that usually leads to self-sabotage. It’s about creating an environment within our bodies that supports healing.

Positive Attitude

Kimba Livesay was a superstar while serving as a coach for Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. Kimba's enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious and help clients achieve effective results. ---Colin Callahan, AARP Director of Coaching Services for Life Reimagined

Mind, Body & Spirit

Kimba Livesay

Kimba Livesay

I am a creative coach, teacher and mentor who helps people use creativity, coaching, journaling, energy work and spirituality to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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