How I created Well-Being

I wish I had someone like me as a coach and guide when I started my healing journey in 2018. Creating well-being from illness is not easy. It is a daily practice of choices. But which choices? I was bombarded with conflicting information from doctors and alternative medical practitioners. I didn’t know what to choose. One day after a distressing doctor visit, I made a choice. I decided to take control and create my own well-being. And that led me to 3 more life changing choices.

3 Choices for Creating Well-Being

My first choice? To be calm and let go of the chaos. When in chaos, the mind cannot think, the body cannot heal and the spirit is tethered to dark shadows. That was the opposite of what I needed, so I sat in my garden and focused on my breath of life. It didn’t take long for peace to grab hold in my being. I help others connect to Spirit in simple ways to create inner peace.

My second choice was a “duh” moment. I’m a highly intuitive person. I can’t explain it, I just know things. So, when it came to creating my own well-being why not use my gift of intuition? The minute I let my intuition guide me, I took responsibility for my healing and it felt like freedom. I believe we are all intuitive, it’s our birthright. I help others tune in to their inner wisdom.

The third choice was to practice gratitude no matter what. When you are hit with a scary diagnosis, fear strikes at the heart. For me the only way out of that fear was a simple gratitude meditation and it worked like magic. Fear and gratitude can not share the same space. Gratitude is the gateway to joy, love and light. It is a powerful energy that literally changed my brain and helped heal every cell in and out of my being. I help others access joy and love by being grateful.

Kimba’s Program of Well-Being

On my path to peace, inner wisdom and joy, I created a positive and uplifting program that would support my daily choices in a positive and meaningful way. My purpose is to share my program with others to facilitate well-being and healing. Each soul is different and the path to healing will unfold in its own unique way. My program offers creativity, coaching, energy work, spirituality and Temple Pod (body) work.

Using Creativity

I believe that creative art heals in profound ways. First, there are no worries about a finished project because it’s about the process. It’s calming and meditative to just journal, paint or write. Secondly, when we use our creative powers, we start to see things differently and that helps with problem solving the complexities of illness. And finally, participating in a creative art can reduce anxiety and stress. I show people how to create Kaleido Art Journals, participate in intuitive art and/or find a personal expressive art.

Creative Coaching

I love coaching because it empowers YOU. What that means is I don’t have answers to your challenges, problems, and fears, but you do. I use creative coaching tools that help you uncover the answers you need to know to create well-being goals, action plans and life purpose. My belief is that Spirit is waiting and wanting to help you. Sometimes we just need to ask the right questions and be open to the possibilities.

Energy Work

When our energy experiences blockages it can manifest as illness, pain and suffering. Clearing the energy field balances the mind, body and spirit. I practice 2 healing systems, Reiki and Fire Yoga. As a Reiki Master, I am a conduit between the universal life force energy and the client. This activates the natural healing process within. Fire yoga connects the client with their own inner Divine Fire through guided meditations, color energies and light. It is the yoga of fiery energy, consciousness and directed thought.

Spiritual Tools

We are all Spiritual beings. The goal is to vibrate at a higher frequency and how that’s done is different for each person. I work with clients using meditations, prayer, music, nature, dream interpretation and soul journey sessions. We look for ways to open our hearts to joy and gratitude, even during dark times. The goal of this work is to fully live our purpose until we take our last breath.

Temple Pod

We are beings of light and our bodies are Divine instruments. We cannot live our purpose on this earth without a body. How we treat our bodies is important because they are not separate from our mind or Spirit. It all works together. I help people dive deep into Divine self-care through nutrition, water, fresh air, sunshine, supplements, movement, sleep, and aromatherapy. It’s about creating an environment within our bodies that supports our well-being.

Positive Attitude

Kimba Livesay was a superstar while serving as a coach for Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. Kimba's enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious and help clients achieve effective results. ---Colin Callahan, AARP Director of Coaching Services for Life Reimagined

Mind, Body & Spirit

Kimba Livesay
Kimba Livesay

I am a creative coach, teacher and guide who helps people use creativity, coaching, journaling, energy work and spirituality to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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