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101 Ways to Be Creative

101 Ways to Be Creative

As a creativity coach, I believe we are all creative.  Creativity is self-expression and there is no right or wrong way to be creative.  Here is my list of 101 ways to be creative and to express your creative side in visual arts, writing, music, movement and drama.

  1. Doodle!  All you need is a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Draw a tea cup without looking at your paper or the tea cup.  It’s called blind contour drawing and it’s fun and freeing.
  3. Take a photo or image and turn it upside down and draw it from that perspective.
  4. Draw squares, circles and triangles and then color them different colors.
  5. Think like Pablo Picasso and draw your self-portrait in the style of cubism.
  6. Give yourself permission to buy a box of crayons and scribble like a toddler.
  7. Visit a garden and take pictures.
  8. Play with Crayola® Model Magic® and make something.
  9. Paint flowers using poster board and finger paints.
  10. Think like Jackson Pollack and make your own energetic painting.
  11. Visit downtown and take pictures of people, places and things with your phone.  Use the black and white setting for artistic flair.
  12. Color Mandalas.
  13. Bake and decorate a cake from scratch.
  14. Solve a problem by creating a mind map.
  15. Learn how to make an Origami crane.
  16. Purchase an adult coloring book and color.  It’s very meditative and relaxing.
  17. Get some chalk and color the sidewalk in front of your home (or someone else’s home).
  18. Write messages about LOVE and put them in plastic Easter eggs.  Hide the eggs in your neighborhood.
  19. Make a collage of all the places you want to visit.
  20. Make a peace necklace.
  21. Create a collage of all the places you have been.
  22. Sign up for a jewelry making class.
  23. Play with Play Doh!  See what you can make.
  24. Braid a rainbow colored bracelet for a friend.
  25. Join a sewing class.
  26. Make a paper chain out of construction paper and decorate your office.
  27. Draw and paint a flower in the style of Georgia O’ Keefee
  28. Snap black and white pictures of people’s faces.
  29. Tye dye a t-shirt and wear it!  Tell everyone you made it!
  30. Start an art journal for self-discovery.  Not sure how?  I’ll teach you.
  31. Steal flowers from someone else’s garden and create a flower arrangement for your home.
  32. Grow flowers so you don’t have to steal.
  33. Sculpt beads out of Polymer clay.
  34. Paint rocks for your flower garden.
  35. Build a bird house out of a milk carton.
  36. Take a flower arranging class.
  37. Knit a scarf.
  38. Go to your local art museum.
  39. Visit a pottery studio and make or paint pottery.
  40. Carve a simple wood figure.
  41. Make a scrapbook that tells a story.
  42. Go on a nature walk and take pictures.
  43. Create a Me Box. Decorate a shoebox and put your favorite pictures, notes, letters and cards inside.
  44. Crochet a pot holder.
  45. Trace your hands on a sheet of paper and write about all the things your hands have done.
  46. Record your night dreams and figure out the secret messages they are trying to tell you.
  47. Make a fabric grocery bag.
  48. Decorate a shoe box and then collect items from nature for your new treasure chest.
  49. Lay on the ground and look at clouds. What do you see?
  50. Visit a virtual art museum.
  51. Find and join an art class.
  52. Write a short story about what you looked like before you were born.
  53. Keep a daily journal.
  54. Write a poem for your sweetheart or yourself.
  55. Imagine you lived on the moon.  Where do you live?  What do you eat?  Who else is there?
  56. Write down a childhood memory.
  57. Create a short story about fairies that live in your cupboard.
  58. Pen a story about Harry Potter at his 80th Birthday party.
  59. Learn to say hello in 7 different languages.
  60. Make a list of your gifts and strengths.
  61. Write about how your grandparents met each other.
  62. Take a writing class.
  63. Write a Book!
  64. Listen to Robert Frost read The Road Not Taken.
  65. Write a TA DA list (a list of your accomplishments).
  66. Keep a Bliss list (people, places and things that bring your joy).
  67. Write about a problem but EXAGGERATE IT!
  68. Keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day.
  69. Go to a local poetry reading.
  70. Write a poem in the style of E.E. Cummings.
  71. Pretend you are the Queen of England and write about your day.
  72. Visit the library and choose a book that you normally would not read.  Read it.
  73. Read poetry by Emily Dickinson.
  74. Write a four lined poem about forgiveness.
  75. Listen to Maya Angelou read And Still I Rise.
  76. If you could not fail what would you do?  Write about it.
  77. Make a drum out of an oatmeal box or tin can and play along with your favorite song.
  78. Sing, Sing a Song.  Sing out loud.  Sing out strong.
  79. Listen to your favorite music.
  80. Listen to different genres of music that you usually don’t listen to.
  81. Listen to Johann Sebastian Bach and color on blank paper.
  82. Write a song to the tune of Happy Birthday and then sing it to someone.
  83. Listen to Jeffrey Thompson and let your mind wander.
  84. Learn to play an instrument.  Yes the Kazoo counts.
  85. Dance while doing house chores.
  86. Read a sonnet by William Shakespeare.
  87. Do a shimmy dance in the moonlight.
  88. Learn a yoga pose.
  89. Join a drumming circle.
  90. Listen and relax to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  91. Do an interpretive dance about politics.
  92. Take a deep breath.  Hold for 3 then exhale.  Repeat.
  93. Dress up like your favorite hero and go to the park.  Children will love you!
  94. Listen the to Opera Madame Butterfly.
  95. Make up knock knock jokes and tell them to family and friends.
  96. Make a sock puppet for you and a friend.  Have a puppet show!
  97. Watch the movie, The Wizard of Oz.
  98. Go to a play at your local community theatre.
  99. Write a skit about Green Eggs and Ham and ask family and friends to do a performance.
  100. Take a dance class.
  101. Learn three new jokes and tell them to family and friends.
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