Political Stress and Worry

Political Stress

Do you find yourself watching CNN while eating a gallon of ice cream (or your preferred junk food)? Do you feel sick as you scroll your Facebook feed? Are you afraid to talk to your neighbors and friends because you fear they have different political views? If you answered yes, then I want you to know you are not alone. Political stress and worry is becoming a common theme with my coaching clients. And just so you know, my clients represent a variety of political views and parties.

Emotional Wellbeing

It is a lot to take in. I know that this constant negativity can impact my emotional wellbeing. I feel more political stress and worry. I’m edgy. I’m angry. Maybe you do too? I want to be Xena Warrior Princess and right all the wrongs but you and I both know that’s not happening. There is a reason for all things. And like all things, I must go through this, we must go through this. We grow through conflict. It’s true. When all is right with the world we have no reason to grow and learn.

Creativity Coaching

As a creativity coach, I help people use creativity to uncover and use their strengths.  Your strengths are the tools you use for problem solving and stress reduction. I use art, writing and music to reduce my political stress and worry. Each of you has a special strength and creativity can help you unlock its powers. When we use creativity, we go deep inside ourselves using visual, written and lyrical language. We can gain a unique perspective, reduce internal conflict and heal our mind, body and spirit.

Expressive Arts Class

In January I am offering a class called Expressive Arts and Politics. We will explore our feelings around politics, uncover our strengths and use creativity to reduce our political stress and worry. You do not need to be a professional artist, writer or musician to participate. All you will need is some blank paper, colors, pens and a willingness to process your stress and worry. At the end of four weeks you will have some nifty self-coaching tools and works of expressive arts. I am not promising that you will be completely stress and worry free, but you will feel lighter and shine a little brighter. My classes fill up quickly, so enroll now to save your spot.

Class Details

Classes will be recorded so you won’t miss anything if you miss a session.
We will share our ideas, thoughts and creative expression in a secret Facebook group.
Click on the link, select your time zone and select class date from the calendar.

Stay Tuned for New Class Dates

About The Author

Kimba Livesay

Kimba Livesay is a certified Creativity Coach with over ten years of experience helping visual artist and writers. She developed an expressive arts coaching program specifically for creative people. Kimba offers personal coaching, classes and workshops. She is also a visual artist and is currently working on a cozy mystery. For more information visit www.kimbalivesay.com