Kimba’s Coaching Policies

Coaching Policies

Coaching policies help me, and you understand our coaching relationship. It is my job to help you create awareness, set goals and create action plans. I will show up to our sessions ready to work with you. Your Job is to put your action plans into action. I will help you every step of the way but at the end of the day, it’s your work that determines your success.

Coaching Policies for Sessions

The first step is to schedule your coaching appointment through Acuity Scheduling. It is very easy to schedule and re-schedule your coaching appointments AND it helps me stay organized. Sometimes, I am booked and there are no available appointments. When that happens, contact me and I will add you to my waiting list. When you schedule your session, you will be asked to pay for you session using PayPal. We meet either by phone or Zoom video conferencing, whichever you prefer. Once you pay for your session you will receive an e-mail with my contact information.

Coaching sessions are up to 45-minutes. During a session we will talk about whatever you want. Resources may include expressive art tools, worksheets, journaling exercises and how-to-videos based on your needs. You choose what you want to do!

It is my strict coaching policy that all conversations and notes are 100% confidential. It is very important for you to know that our conversations are private.

I know life is busy. Please find a quiet place where you can focus on our session. Driving or shopping is not focused on our sessions. Yes, it has happened.

Coaching Policies for Contracts & Agreements

I am not a fan of coaching contracts, so I don’t use them. How do you know you need six months of coaching? I sure don’t have a magic ball with that information. My coaching program is needs based. You decide how frequently you want to meet with me. I find coaching is a very fluid activity. In the beginning, clients schedule weekly appointments. As they start reaching their goals, sessions move to once a month.

I understand that emergencies do happen. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you can’t make an appointment, please re-schedule through Acuity Scheduling or you will be charged for the full amount of the missed appointment. Also, I will wait for 10 minutes at your scheduled appointment time and then consider you a no show and a missed appointment. I also understand not making progress on your goals and not wanting to show up for a session. This is normal. I would ask that you show up anyway. We will figure out a plan to get you on track.

I do ask that clients sign an agreement. The agreement outlines responsibilities and fees. My scheduling page list my current coaching fees. Please note that fees may change without notice. The agreement also states that we both can terminate the coaching relationship at any time.

Coaching Policy for Who I Work With

I work with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and ages. I believe in respect for all people.  Simple enough uh? Sometimes, people use life coaches as therapist. I think it has to do with fear of judgements of mental health. I am not a therapist. If I feel you are trying to use life coaching to replace therapy, we will have that talk. Coaching can be therapeutic. There is a difference.

Questions About Coaching Policies

If you have any questions about my coaching policies, please contact me. Allow me up to two business days to reply.