Learning from Redwoods

Redwoods Talk to Each Other

Did you know that the Redwoods talk to each other through their root system? Underneath the ground they are deeply connected to each other. The older trees supporting an entire community. I believe we could learn a lot from the Redwoods, if we look a little deeper.

Roots Reflect Growth

As I journey through doctors, medicine, scans, radiation and side effects I become more aware of the depth of not only my own roots but those around me. Like the Redwoods, people come in all sizes. Roots reflect growth. The deeper the roots the more water, sun, fertile soil and communication is available for the Redwood. It works the same for human beings, whether we realize it or not. We are all growing at different paces.

No Judgement Just Reflection

Before December 2018, I thought I knew my friends, but in truth I didn’t. The friends who I thought would be there to offer deep support have all but disappeared. This isn’t a judgement. It’s just a reflection. I’ve come to understand that they are busy “rooting” and “growing”. Simply put, you can’t offer other people deep support if your roots are shallow. You must grow your own roots first, so you can not only hold yourself upright but your community.

I’m Still Standing

What is even more surprising is those friends who stood three hundred feet tall, basking in the sun as their deep roots held the entire forest together. I heard them whisper Kimba you’ve got this, and we’ve got you. They latched onto my roots and offered hope, love and joy. It’s exactly as it should be, and I am grateful. Because of their support, I’m still standing.

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About The Author

Kimba Livesay

I am a creative coach, teacher and spirit worker who helps people use creativity, coaching, energy work and Spirituality to heal their Mind, Body and Spirit.