Write to the Heart

This is a book review for Write to the Heart: Wit & Wisdom of Women Writers. Edited by Amber Coverdale Sumrall.

In 1992 I lived in 5 Points South, a little area in downtown Birmingham, AL. I would spend my evenings and week-ends playing pool, listening to bands and hanging out at a little independent book store. On week-ends the bookstore served tea and had open mic poetry readings. One afternoon, I found a little book called Write to the Heart: Wit & Wisdom of Women Writers. I am a woman and I write, so I bought it. Twenty-six years later and I still have and use this little book. The picture above is the cover of my book. I’ve taken really good care of it because it is one of my treasures. It has hundreds of quotes by women writers.

Over the years, I have worn out the pages looking for quotes on transformation, childhood, craft, spirituality, aging and recently politics. I love that these quotes are by women writers. Of course, the writers use their words wisely and their wisdom is timeless. Here are some of my favorite quotes about politics.

Survival is a form of resistance. ~Meridel Le Sueur

When thinking about our current politics this quote rings true for me. The resistance is real, and it is strong. It is a push back on our current government that seeks truth and accountability. And for many of us it is a form of survival. We are surviving racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny, homophobia, #me too and more. What about you? How is survival a form of resistance for you?

Oppression involves a failure of the imagination: the failure to imagine the full humanity of other human beings. ~Margaret Atwood

How different would our country be if we imagined and realized the full humanity of each other? Wouldn’t that be amazing? It would be vastly different from what is happening now. How can you realize the full humanity of other human beings? What would that look like?

Racism forces white humanity to underestimate the intelligence, emotion and creativity of black humanity. ~Margaret Walker

I would add ALL people of color. Racism by design removes intelligence, emotion and creativity from people of color. I think we can go back to what Ms. Atwood said about imagining the full humanity of other human beings. How do you think racism undervalues the intelligence, emotion and creativity?

There are additional quotes on politics and I find them thought provoking and inspiring. Amber Coverdale Sumrall did an amazing job compiling the quotes. Unfortunately, Write to the Heart is out of print. However, it can be found used. So, I invite you to pick up a copy at Amazon. Maybe you already own this book. If so, what is your favorite quote?

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