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Kimba Livesay, Professional Coach

Creativity Coach Kimba

I am a creativity coach. That’s not surprising considering how I have always been drawn to creative expression. Yep, I was that kid in high school. The one who belonged to the art, drama, writing and glee club. I majored in Speech, Theatre and English at the University of Montevallo. I took art, creative writing, music and theatre classes. In the picture above, that’s me in the red suit playing the role of Mrs. Jones, in a play I wrote.

After graduation, I worked in a nursing home as a recreation therapist. I could not believe they paid me to lead art, drama, writing and music groups. It was magical. It’s also where I learned how expressive arts could heal the mind, body and spirit. I became a consultant and created the Inner Rhythms Activity Program. It was a holistic program that taught others how to provide expressive arts in nursing homes, assisted living and hospitals. I trained thousands of recreation therapist through presentations, a column I wrote for a national magazine and my online classes.
In 2008, I decided I wanted to help others use their creativity. I invested in four coach training programs. I am a certified ICF life coach, certified creativity coach and certified muse whisper.

When I have free time, I paint and write mystery novels.

Experience as a Creativity Coach

Creativity coach kimba livesay

I have coached 850 individual sessions. That’s a lot of coaching!  Coaching topics included work life balance, work, relationships and health. I worked with clients to use expressive arts around their coaching issue. AARP’s Life Reimagined coaching program helped people figure out their purpose. I was excited to be a part of the coaching team and spent a year with the organization.

I offer coaching classes they teach creative people how to self-coach through journaling. To date, I have provided over 50 on-line classes. Currently, I have a class on Udemy that focuses on creativity and awareness.

San Joaquin County, AARP and Modesto Institute for Continued Learning are a small sample of the organizations I have worked with.  I a lot of experience in creating presentations and workshops for various groups.  

My Skills

Here is a list of my skills as a coach and educator.



Expressive Arts






Workshop Facilitation


Public Speaking


Kimba Livesay was a superstar while serving as a coach for Life Reimagined, providing excellent coaching services to our clients. She received client satisfaction ratings of over 95%. They loved her enthusiasm and creativity.   Kimba also actively worked with me to improve the Life Reimagined service portfolio and client experience. I found her insight invaluable for the coaching operations. Kimba’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious and help clients achieve effective results. –Colin Callahan, Director of Coaching Services for Life Reimagined


As a creativity coach, I work with a diverse group of creative people. I offer one-on-one coaching services by appointment. Several times during the year I offer on-line classes. If you want to know about my classes join my mailing list. You can also find coaching and creativity resources by reading my blog.