Creativity Coaching Classes

Creativity Coaching Classes with Kimba

Throughout the year I offer creativity coaching classes that help people grow and learn through the use of visual art, writing and music. Because class size is small we can build lasting relationships and take the time needed for self-discovery. Group classes meet by conference calling. Online classes are offered through Udemy. Classes also offer a secret Facebook group for each class for additional interaction, sharing and resources. Visit the Expressive Arts Gallery to see what other participants have created.

Class Schedule for 2019

Open All Year: Kaleido Journaling on Udemy 

Kaleido Journaling offers you the opportunity to explore colors and how they influence your thoughts and behaviors. Through life coaching tools and techniques, you will learn how to recognize your inner critic and break free from self-limiting thoughts. Discover how to brainstorm, create action plans and use small steps for momentum toward your dreams and goals. AND explore positive mind-set tools that will help you stay motivated. This self-directed course includes lecture videos, articles, worksheets and a 30 page e-book. This course is only $10 and is a fabulous introduction to expressive arts coaching. Register Now!

Expressive Arts and Politics

Explore your feelings around politics, uncover your strengths and use creativity to reduce your political stress and worry. You do not need to be a professional artist, writer or musician to participate. All you will need is some blank paper, colors, pens and a willingness to process your stress and worry.  More info? Visit Expressive Arts Class.

Class Details

  • Classes will be recorded so you won’t miss anything if you miss a session.
  • We will share our ideas, thoughts and creative expression in a secret Facebook group.
  • Click on the link, select your time zone and select January date from the calendar.

Write from the Heart Class

Get write to it and join the February creative writing class. Our inspiration will be the book Write to the Heart: Wit & Wisdom of Women Writers. We will take a collaborative approach and work with topics that include personal transformation, courage, spirituality and politics. Class days will be February 5, 12, 19 and 26th. Stay tuned for more details and join my mailing list!