Creativity Coaching for Creative People

Creativity Coaching for Creative People

Creativity coaching is a type of life coaching that helps creative people focus on their work. In my coaching practice I use four creative principles: reflect, explore, connect and create. These principles help clients build momentum and find their creative joy.

  • Reflect on what you really want to create
  • Explore different and new ways of thinking
  • Connect to others for assistance and creative playdates
  • Create success by using small step action plans

My coaching program is playful, joyful, positive and of course creative!  Coaching sessions, tools and resources help you stay on track and move forward in your creative work!

Creative People I Work With

I work with creative people of all backgrounds and ages. My clients range from beginners to professionals and work with visual arts and creative writing. I have worked with clients who have created art studios, written and published books, written articles for magazines, created and sold visual art work. The common denominator is that they all are dancing with a beautiful creative dream.

Creative Challenges for Creative People

As an artist and writer, I understand the creative process and I recognize its own unique challenges. These challenges can STOP you from creating. For me, that’s sad because I believe the world needs more creative arts. It reflects our Spirit and humanity. Here are some common creative challenges that I help artist and writers work through.

  • Everything is in chaos and you can focus on your next step
  • Resistant to your own creative process
  • Being afraid of not being “good” enough or that others will judge you
  • Fear of wasting time, money and resources
  • Fear of being a failure or successful
  • Chasing perfection and creating nothing
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start
  • Rebelling against any kind of structure or action plan that will get you creating
  • Feeling low on creative fuel or creative inspiration and not creating
  • Engaging in negative self-talk that leaves you anxious about your work
  • Comparing yourself to others which is toxic to your creative spirit
  • Self-Sabotage of your creative work, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Procrastination, your creative dream is always waiting for you

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? Do you have a different challenge? It’s ok, you are not alone! Many creative people face these challenges. My creativity coaching program will help you overcome these challenges through small step action plans that are fun, playful and relaxed.

Benefits of Coaching with Kimba

  • I am an experienced coach with over 850 individual coaching sessions
  • You will gain momentum in your creative work
  • We work together to ensure your creative work stays on track
  • We work together to create action plans that will help reduce fear and overwhelm
  • I am creative and so we speak the same non-verbal language
  • Coaching sessions are uplifting and playful focused on permission not pressure
  • I offer support and encouragement that is genuine
  • Reduction in feeling cranky because you will be creating

How Coaching Works

The first step is to schedule an appointment.  Our first session will take place by telephone.  During our first session we get to know each other, ask questions and discuss your creative challenges and what you want from creativity coaching. Depending on what you need after our session, I will e-mail worksheets, videos or other resources to help you stay focused and reach your goals.  Moving forward you can choose how often you need or want a coaching session.  Please review my coaching policies for additional information.