Expressive Arts and Politics Class

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Are you stressed about politics? If you are, then you are not alone. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 59% of Republicans and 76% of Democrats are stressed over politics. My hunch is that Independents and other political party members are stressed too. Chronic stress is NOT our friend because it wreaks havoc on our mind, body and spirit.

What Stress Does

Stress can have a negative impact on your immune system, blood pressure, heart health and memory. Stress also accelerates the aging process. That’s right stress ages you. As a life coach, I have noticed that many of my clients (from a variety of political views) have wanted to talk about the political stress they are feeling. Some are so stressed that they seem to be stuck. My clients are not alone. Therapist have also noticed an increase in political stress and they even coined a new term for it, Trump Anxiety Syndrome.

Get Off the Roller Coaster

It can be hard to find a respite from politics. Every single day there is political news on our radios, TV’s and social media news feeds. It never stops. There is a new term for that too, #trumptraumarollercoasterday and for some it causes constant stress. Maybe you are one of those people? We can ride the daily roller coaster, or we can get off and take our power back.

Expressive Arts Coaching

I love combining life coaching tools with expressive arts. I believe it gives people a deeper connection to their authentic self. Joyful and fun activities like art, creative writing and music light up the whole brain, giving information beyond verbal language. The goal of this class is to help reduce

I’ve created an expressive arts coaching class to help people reduce their political stress and take their power back.
At the end of four weeks you will have some nifty self-coaching tools and works of expressive arts. I am not promising that you will be completely stress and worry free, but you will feel lighter and shine a little brighter.

What’s in the Class?

When you register for the class you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. Your answers will help me add specific materials to the class. Please note that you do not have to be an artist or writer to participate in this class.

Week One: We will use color to uncover your qualities. These qualities often reflect your strengths, gifts and values.
Week Two: What does political stress look like for you? We will do some creative writing exercises to help us find specific sources of stress.
Week Three: Perception is reality but sometimes our perception is not the truth. We will do a nifty art project and examine our stories.
Week Four: We will create goals for personal wellness and empowering activities.

Class Details

Registration fee is $50 for all four classes
• Daily sharing, motivation, resources and connection will take place our secret Facebook group
• You will need an 8 1/2 x 11 size journal with blank pages, colored markers (not sharpie), colored pencils, writing pen. Stickers are optional.


Registration is simple. Click on the registration link and set your time zone and select The class date. Three days before class you will receive a conference call link and a private invitation to our Facebook group.

Stay Tuned for next class dates