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The Healing Power of Expressive Arts

I help clients use expressive arts as a healing tool. Art, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing and photography are all types of expressive arts. Creative arts bring us the gifts of self-express, self-awareness and joy. That’s why I ask clients to keep a Kaleido Journal. Like all expressive arts, an art journal offers many benefits. It can help you create emotional anchors and a tangible account of your progress. But what is truly remarkable is that the healing benefits it provides.

The Lizard Mind

Thought directs energy and energy follows thought. After a major illness and/or a near death experience your Lizard mind begins crawling all over the place. Scattered thoughts about scans, test, doctors, bills, what to eat, dying, God, living and everything in-between. The energy this creates is anxiety, stress and fear. The body needs calm energy in order to heal.

What is super cool is that expressive arts can help you focus and domesticate your lizard mind. The top three creative activities for dealing with difficulty emotions, depression and trauma are writing, art and journaling. These creative tasks give you the opportunity to literally create well-being.

And please remember, you don’t need to draw like Leonardo da Vinci or write like Emily Dickinson to gain benefits. Expressive arts isn’t about a finished product to be sold in a store. It’s about the tender and loving process of telling your story so you can begin your healing journey.

Creating Healing Flow

Have you ever heard of creative flow? Creative flow is a magical dance between you and your creative project. You slip into this “flow” of being fully present and completely engrossed. Time and space disappear and hours can pass before you realize it. For me, it’s a type of meditation. My heartbeat slows down, stress melts away and my immune system gets a boost. When you are in the flow your mind, body and spirt can experience profound healing. And you know what? Science is beginning to prove this.

Art and Soul

Creativity and spirit go hand in hand. I think they are closely aligned. When you take the time to do a Kaleido page, you infuse your spirit onto the page. Art connects us to our Spirit and to the Divine. Sometimes my Kaleido pages are the colors of a prayer. I know that when I am creating in my journal, I feel joy and a sense of purpose. Once again, connecting me to the Divine.

And if you want to really lift your spirit and create joy, listen to your favorite music while you are working on your creative project. It’s a powerful combination because music is a master healer.

An Invitation

I invite you to check out different types of expressive arts and find one that suits your fancy. Why not start your very own creative care and start enjoying the benefits? If you need help in getting started you can contact me and schedule an appointment. If you prefer to work on your own check out my Kaleido Journaling course on Udemy.

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Kimba Livesay

Kimba Livesay

I am a creative coach, teacher and mentor who helps people use creativity, coaching, journaling, energy work and spirituality to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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