Expressive Arts Gallery

Expressive Arts Coaching Exercises

I use Expressive Arts as coaching exercises. Coaching combined with creativity is a powerful combination that provides insights and direction. The gallery showcases three expressive arts tools: Self-Portrait, Gratitude and Body Compass.

Self-Portrait Exercise

This is one of my favorite coaching tools because it reminds us of our strengths and boosts our self-esteem. This can be a real game changer when you need encouragement to make changes and/or chase your dreams. I walk participants through a process that helps them identify their strengths. Then we take the time to create our portraits. Oh, and just so you know, the three women who created these portraits are incredible artist so don’t go judging yourself by thinking you can’t draw your portrait. You can. I will help you.

Expressive Arts Self-Portrait by Anne Marie

Expressive Arts Self-Portrait by Sooz

Expressive Arts Self-Portrait by Marci

Gratitude Spiral Exercise

Being grateful is the quickest way to becoming joyful. As human beings we can really focus on what’s going wrong in lives. This coaching exercise helps us focus on what’s going right in our lives. AND that is good for our emotional well-being. By creating a visual image of gratitude, we become more aware and can more easily connect to our joy and happiness.

Expressive Arts Gratitude Tool by Flo

Expressive Arts Gratitude Tool by Marci

Expressive Arts Gratitude Tool by Susan

Body Compass Expressive Art Exercise

This is a fantastic exercise that can help us get unstuck and find direction. Dancer Martha Graham said that the body never lies. Our bodies have a lot of information to share with us if we just listen. This exercise allows us to tune into bodies and create a visual body compass map for future use.

Expressive Arts Body Compass Tool by Flo

Expressive Arts Body Compass by Ann Marie

Expressive Arts Body Compass by Sooz