Expressive Arts Classes

Class Schedule for 2019

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery is a unique class that blends coaching tools and expressive arts. This class will show you how to:

  • Recognize your inner lizard
  • Break free from limiting thoughts
  • Develop a positive mind set
  • Brainstorm for what feels right
  • Create a doable action plan
  • Use small steps for momentum

This self-directed course includes lecture videos, articles, worksheets and a 30 page e-book. This course is only $10 and is a fabulous introduction to expressive arts coaching. Register Now on Udemy!

Kaleido Journaling for Healing 

I am currently working on a Kaleido Journaling class for healing. The class is designed to help cancer patients heal their mind, body and Spirit. The class will include powerful coaching tools that use art, music and writing. If you are interested, please join my mailing list for updates.