Kaleido Journaling Classes

Class Schedule for 2019

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery is a unique class that blends coaching tools and expressive arts. This class will show you how to:

  • Recognize your inner lizard
  • Break free from limiting thoughts
  • Develop a positive mind set
  • Brainstorm for what feels right
  • Create a doable action plan
  • Use small steps for momentum

This self-directed class includes lecture videos, articles, worksheets and a 30 page e-book. This class is a fabulous introduction to expressive arts and coaching. Register Now on Udemy!

Kaleido Journaling for Healing 

I am currently working on a Kaleido Journaling class for personal healing. This class will focus on chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. I will show you how to combine power coaching tools and creative projects that promote well-being. If you are interested, please join my mailing list for updates.