Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery

Kaleido Journaling by Kimba

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery™

The word kaleido comes from the Greek words kalos and eidos, which means beautiful pattern. Many years ago, I wanted a creative way to express myself in a meaningful and healing way. I started journaling in a unique way and realized the pages were like a kaleidoscope that created a colorful and beautiful pattern of me. I learned a great deal about myself in the process and decided to create a program to share with others.

What I didn’t know then and know now is that this type of journaling has remarkable benefits including increasing joy, improving self-esteem, enhancing the immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and reducing physical pain.

You DO NOT need to be an artist to participate. Journals are created using colors, symbols, images and words. You can see what others have done by visiting the Gallery. I offer three ways to people to participate in my Kaleido Journaling program.

Kaleido Journaling for Well-Being

Sometimes, after a major illness we don’t know where to start or even what we need to create well-being. This in-depth coaching program offers you a confidential and safe place to reflect on what you need to heal your mind, body and spirit.

This 8-week personal coaching program offers you deep support. You will learn coaching tools that uncover and address fear, negative self-talk and limitations. You will learn positive psychology tools that will help you grow more joy, love and gratitude in your life. These tools will help you make action plans for well-being.

In each session we will have a coaching conversation and start working on a Kaleido Page. You will receive a copy of my e-book, Kaleido Journaling: The Colorful Patterns of You. This e-book is a support tool for in-between visits. I will also be available by e-mail or text. 

Introduction To Kaleido Journaling Class on Zoom

This 2-hour class introduces participants to Kaleido Journaling. We review the basics of the Kaleido Journaling process and create two Kaleido Pages, the Inner Lizard and the Gratitude Spiral. I will guide you through the process of acknowledging the messages of your fears and limitations. And how to break free by using a simple gratitude technique. Join my mailing list for upcoming class days and times.

Kaleido Journaling for Self-Discovery Course on Udemy

Wanna go it alone? Then check out my online course on Udemy. You will learn how to recognize your inner lizard and break free from self-limiting and untrue thoughts. The course teaches you how to brainstorm, create action plans and use small steps for momentum toward your dreams and goals. AND explore positive mind-set tools that will help you stay motivated. The course includes lecture videos, articles, worksheets and the e-book, Kaleido Journaling: The Colorful Patterns of You.

Kaleido Journaling

Kimba Livesay Well-Being Coach

Discover You

I love sharing my Kaleido Journaling program with others. I believe it is a unique way to learn more about yourself so you can create fabulous action goals.

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Kimba has created a very friendly program that gives you permission to be less than perfect. It allows you to scribble, paste, stick to create pages that will help you connect the dots. Her tutoring is friendly and she obviously enjoys teaching others. She is very knowledgeable.


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