Creativity and Expressive Arts Coach Kimba

I am a creativity and expressive arts coach and facilitator.  In this video I share the difference between creativity coaching and expressive arts coaching.  I also share a little bit about who I am, my education, training and work experience.

Creativity Coaching

As a creativity coach I help creative people focus on their creative work. As an artist and writer, I understand the creative process. I work with creative people who want to build momentum, gain insights, find direction and need support. Even if you don’t think you are creative, working with a creativity coach maybe able to help you. A creativity coach can help you connect the dots, think about all the possibilities, learn to take breaks and find direction. I help people reach their goals through listening, asking questions, creative activities and building action plans based on small steps.

Expressive Arts Coaching and Facilitation

Human beings have been expressing ourselves through art for a very long time! We started by painting on cave walls, playing drums, telling, dancing and singing around the fire. Expressive arts are nothing more than expressing yourself. You do not need to be an “artist” just open to artistic expression. I have spent most of my professional life helping clients use expressive arts for self-awareness and healing. Early in my career, I was a recreation consultant and worked with elder’s and other populations in long-term care. It was there that I witnessed the healing and social power of creative expression. Women with cancer spent the afternoon painting and for a brief time escaped into the colors on their canvas. People with dementia found profound joy in singing and dancing. Writing plays, short stories and poetry gave participants the chance to create and reflect deep self-awareness, clarity and purpose. Today, as an Expressive Arts Coach and facilitator, I continue to work with clients and help them develop self-discover, clarity and direction through expressive arts.

Learn more about what I do as a creativity and expressive arts coach. Watch the video.

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