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Political Stress and Worry

Political Stress

Do you find yourself watching CNN while eating a gallon of ice cream (or your preferred junk food)? Do you feel sick as you scroll your Facebook feed? Are you afraid to talk to your neighbors and friends because you fear they have different political views? If you answered yes, then I want you to know you are not alone. Political stress and worry is becoming a common theme with my coaching clients. And just so you know, my clients represent a variety of political views and parties.

Emotional Wellbeing

It is a lot to take in. I know that this constant negativity can impact my emotional wellbeing. I feel more political stress and worry. I’m edgy. I’m angry. Maybe you do too? I want to be Xena Warrior Princess and right all the wrongs but you and I both know that’s not happening. There is a reason for all things. And like all things, I must go through this, we must go through this. We grow through conflict. It’s true. When all is right with the world we have no reason to grow and learn.

Creativity Coaching

As a creativity coach, I help people use creativity to uncover and use their strengths.  Your strengths are the tools you use for problem solving and stress reduction. I use art, writing and music to reduce my political stress and worry. Each of you has a special strength and creativity can help you unlock its powers. When we use creativity, we go deep inside ourselves using visual, written and lyrical language. We can gain a unique perspective, reduce internal conflict and heal our mind, body and spirit.

Update 8/21/2020

I wrote this post on October 30, 2018. A month and a half later I was in a hospital having a brain tumor removed. As my healing journey unfolds I realize that stress, worry and anger are toxic. They are as toxic as smoking, not exercising and eating fast food. Perhaps even more so. Starting in 2016, I was constantly upset with what I saw going on around me. That worry, anger and stress manifested inside me as cancer. Please do me a favor and don’t let politics bait you into negative thinking and behaviors. Be kind to each other. Stand strong against injustices. Practice gratitude. It literally could save your life. I know it’s saved mine

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Kimba Livesay

Kimba Livesay

I am a creative coach, teacher and mentor who helps people use creativity, coaching, journaling, energy work and spirituality to heal the mind, body and spirit.

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I am a creative coach, teacher and mentor who helps people use creativity, coaching, journaling, energy work and spirituality to heal their mind, body and spirit.

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