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Messages that Keep Artists from Creating

Messages that keep artists from creating usual comes from a specific situation or rather a specific person. In this blog, we will explore where these messages come from and how to work past them so that you can express your artistic self. Remember when you drew and colored with wild…

Five Steps for Starting Your Creative Dream

Starting Your Creative Dream

It can be challenging starting your creative dream. Mary Ann Evans wrote under the pen name George Eliot.  Why? Because women couldn’t be authors. She said, it is never too late to be what you might have been. Mary figured out a way to live her creative dream as did many women writers of her time. Today, there are lots of women writers. But there are other things that keep us from our creative dreams. Work, children, family, friends, social engagements and television can keep us from our creative dreams.

When people reach middle age, they seem to realize time is running out. Cathy reached out to me just two days after her 50th birthday. She wanted to paint.  She had wanted to paint since she was a teenager, but life got in the way. After one session with me Cathy was painting. She just needed some help getting started.  What about you? Do you have a creative dream? Here are five steps that can help you get started. These are based on the four creative principles I use in my coaching practice.

Creativity and Expressive Arts Coaching

Creativity and Expressive Arts Coaching?

Creativity and expressive arts coaching use drawing, painting and writing as coaching tools. I work with professional artist who want to focus on their creative work. These artists want to create a final product for the market place. I also work with creative people who just want to create! They focus on the process of self-awareness, not the final product.

101 Ways to Be Creative

As a creativity coach, I believe we are all creative.  Creativity is self-expression and there is no right or wrong way to be creative.  Here is my list of 101 ways to be creative and to express your creative side in visual arts, writing, music, movement and drama.